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Safety Light Color Ammonia Free

Safety Light Color Ammonia Free

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The ammonia free light color service is designed to dye the hair without ammonia, ensuring its safety and health. It is enriched with oils and collagen, providing complete protection while lightening the hair up to 7 levels. Our formula is completely ammonia-free, avoiding any potential damage to the hair. When requesting this service, please provide us with a picture of your current hair and the desired color, allowing us to customize the process to your preferences.

Note: Hair length should be less than 60 cm. If it exceeds this length, you will be asked to add a service.

What are the benefits of lightening hair dye without ammonia?

  • You will give your hair the color you want without any damage.

  • Complete protection from ammonia damage.

  • It gives you control over the degree of lightened hair.

  • The hair lightening service, without ammonia, allows you to have hair that is distinguished by its color, healthy and strong at the same time.

Choose the dye you want for your hair without causing any potential damage.

Ammonia-Free Light Color: Vibrant & Gentle
Ammonia-Free Light Color: Vibrant & Gentle
Ammonia-Free Light Color: Vibrant & Gentle

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