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Terms and services
Terms and services

Terms and services

The customer agrees to accept the following general terms and conditions:

1. The beautician must be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and the domestic labor regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. OZEE is responsible for appointing a beautician based on performance feedback and availability.

3. The client can request a specific beautician as long as she is not reserved already and OZEE will try as much as possible to provide.

4. In the event that, for any reason, OZEE is unable to deliver the beautician to the customer’s site and carry it out in accordance with the reservation, the customer will be compensated with another reservation, and the date will be determined on the basis of the availability of both parties.

5. The customer is responsible for receiving the beautician during the specified arrival time according to the time of booking, and in the same location he chose during the reservation.

6. The customer will be responsible for the location specified during the reservation, and any other location requested by the customer will not be considered valid unless he informs OZEE, more than 1 day prior to the reservation.

7. The service will start when the team arrives at the  designated location site, and the amount cannot be refunded if the beautician is not received at the time and location specified in the application.

8. OZEE is responsible for providing the service at the agreed time (with the possibility of delay or advance - | + 30 minutes), according to the traffic flow, and the timing will start when the client receives the beautician and starts the service according to the date specified in the invoice.

9. In the event that the client fails to receive the beautician when delivered by OZEE and within (+30) minutes from the time of arrival and reservation, the visit will be considered as completed and will not be compensated.

10. This service is provided to women only, and the beautician will not be delivered to the client unless there is a woman at home to receive the service. In the event that the lady designated for the service is not present at home, the visit will be considered as served, and in such a case OZEE. Will not be required to compensate for the visit or refund any money.

11. The client is responsible for protecting his valuables and possessions by preserving them, and in the event of loss of such property, OZEE will not be held liable and the cases will be dealt with under criminal laws and the responsibility will remain with the beautician/client until further legal notice.

12. The client is responsible for the beautician during the visit and after receiving her. An OZEE representative will be present at the agreed location in the application to collect the beautician and will not be allowed to leave the agreed location for any reason whatsoever before the arrival of the OZEE representative by the end of the specified time.

13. In the event of any emergency situations that require medical care or involve physical assault, the customer must inform OZEE directly by calling the call center number (0553522207). Cases will be dealt with through the legal procedures and rules in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

14. The beautician will perform the services paid for with the reservation made only (such as hair services, nails, massage, Moroccan bath, body care and skin care) with no additional unpaid service provided unless the customer decides to add a service that requires payment of the value of the added service by SPAN machine.

15. The customer is fully responsible for providing an area for preparing service tools for the beautician.

16. It is not permissible to present gifts, in a physical form, to the beautician for any reason whatsoever.

17. The customer is responsible for paying the total value of the reservation in advance when booking through the application, not less than the value specified in the application.

18. OZEE has the right to adjust the reservation prices according to changes imposed by the government such as any government fees such as taxes or any other government fees. The client will be charged when it becomes effective for collection or fixed in the Application.

19. The customer cant cancel any appointment the same day, otherwise it can be canceled no less than 24 hours or more before the appointment time previously selected in the application, and 25% of the total value will be deducted as an administration fee.

20. The client can modify the appointment automatically through the application twice, provided that this is at least 6 hours before the appointment time.

21. The customer cannot modify the reserved service after the team reaches the chosen location, except after OZEE approval, and the possibility of providing a beautician for the chosen service, the price difference will be kept in the wallet without refund.

22. in the event that the customer has intentionally or erroneously booked a city not included in the application, OZEE will discount 25%  upon cancellation of the order by both parties based on the total amount of the reservation and the time of cancellation.

23. services can be bought by using Apple pay, MADA or STC pay or any other way available on the application.

24. The customer is not entitled to transfer the beautician to a third party, use the beautician to others, or transfer it from the registered site as per his booking, unless the prior approval and knowledge of OZEE and in case of violation of this clause, OZEE has the right to terminate the contract without compensating the customer.

25. In the event of a breach of any of the booking terms and conditions listed in the application, or assault or harassment of the beautician, OZEE  Has the right to terminate the contract without referring to the client and the client is not entitled to claim any compensation, while OZEE reserves the right to file a lawsuit Before the competent courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

26. The amounts to be recovered will be refunded through the application within 14 working days.

Terms and services
Terms and services

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