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About us
About us
About us

About us

A salon and spa for beauty and luxury services delivered to your home with a highly qualified and experienced team that suits the needs of any modern women.

Our Values

Our permanent interest is to highlight the beauty and appearance of a modern lady, in harmony with her personality of an independent woman who is passionate about shining.

Professional quality; we adhere to international quality standards that meets your expectations.

Leading by keeping pace with the latest development and progress in the world of beauty and fashion, so that you are always with us at the forefront of new trends.

We take care of your comfort in the hands of our experts.

Satisfying your desires and beauty is our permanent concern, our goal is your renewed happiness.

Luxury is an icon of beauty delivered to your home and in the palm of your hands.

Our Vision

OZEE SALON AND SPA is a pioneer in the world of beauty and fashion. We offer it to every home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

OZEE SALON AND SPA is the focus of attention of every glamorous modern woman.

About us
About us

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