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Postpartum Bath

Postpartum Bath

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The postpartum bath is the perfect way to relax your body muscles after giving birth. This rejuvenating service begins with a soothing warm steam bath, preparing your body for subsequent treatments. Next, a thorough full body scrub is performed, gently exfoliating your skin from head to toe, effectively eliminating dead skin cells and deposits. After the invigorating scrub, your body is washed using a combination of customized clay and healthy natural soap, ensuring a deep and thorough cleanse. Finally, the session concludes with a luxurious full body massage and hydration using pure argan oil, nourishing and moisturizing your skin.

Note 1: To ensure your safety and well-being, it is important not to book this service within the first forty days after delivery.

Note 2: If you have undergone a cesarean section, we do not recommend this service as it may not be suitable for your specific recovery needs.

What are the benefits of a postpartum bath?

  • It helps the body to relax.

  • It helps the skin get rid of dark spots and pigmentation.

  • It removes dead cells and impurities.

  • It provides the skin with softness, moisture, and beauty.

  • It gives you a profound sense of relaxation and vitality.

Restore the beauty of your body and relax its muscles.

Postpartum Bath: Nurturing & Healing
Postpartum Bath: Nurturing & Healing
Postpartum Bath: Nurturing & Healing

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