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Ombre hair dye is a fantastic way to have a unique and enchanting hair color. It requires exceptional expertise, as it involves applying color with varying degrees of brightness from the roots to the ends in an artistic manner. The products used must be of the highest quality, and the hairstylist must possess advanced skills. At Ozée Salon, you will find top-notch products and the expertise needed to create stunning ombre hair.

Note 1: This service cannot be applied to hair dyed or treated with henna in the last 12-18 months.

Note 2: The length of the hair must be under 60 cm. If it exceeds this length, an additional service charge will apply.

What are the benefits of ombre hair dye?

  • The ombre dye technique is highly distinctive and visually appealing.

  • Natural dye products ensure minimal chemical damage to the hair.

  • The gradient effect of the dye adds a unique touch and breaks away from traditional hair coloring methods.

  • Maintaining the dye shade is relatively easy and requires minimal effort.

Make your hair shine with captivating and beautiful color that seamlessly transitions from the roots to the ends of your hair.

Ombre Hair: Stunning Gradient Colors
Ombre Hair: Stunning Gradient Colors
Ombre Hair: Stunning Gradient Colors

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