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Argan Bath

Argan Bath

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Argan Oil Bath:

Firstly, your body will indulge in a warm steam bath. Then, the body will be cleansed using specialized medicinal mud and natural soap. The skin exfoliation process will begin using the Kessa glove, effectively removing all dead cells, sediment, and impurities. Finally, the body will be washed and treated to another invigorating massage.

Note: 100% organic argan oil will be utilized throughout each bath stage. This oil is extracted directly from the southwestern region of Morocco and is rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene, and numerous other nutrients that nourish and moisturize the skin. Argan oil has been cherished as one of the oldest beauty secrets of Moroccan women.

What are the benefits of an argan oil bath?

  • It evens out skin tone and eliminates dark spots and pigmentation.

  • It rids the skin of dead cells, deposits, and impurities.

  • It gives you soft and beautiful skin.

  • It addresses sagging, stretching, and dry skin.

  • It nourishes the skin and preserves its beauty and freshness.

Make your skin glow with beauty and smoothness.

Argan Oil Bath: Luxurious Nourishment
Argan Oil Bath: Luxurious Nourishment
Argan Oil Bath: Luxurious Nourishment

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