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Amino Plus Permanent Hair Treatment

Amino Plus Permanent Hair Treatment

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The amino plus permanent hair treatment is a top-tier cosmetic care solution that offers premium quality results. The treatment begins with washing the hair using a specialized shampoo and conditioner, followed by applying Amino Plus, which consists of a selection of renowned international hair care products. This professional treatment ensures that your hair receives ample nourishment and care for 3-4 months.

What are the benefits of Amino Plus hair treatment?

  • This treatment will effectively smooth your hair, safeguarding it from frizz.

  • It addresses brittleness and damage concerns, restoring health to your hair.

  • It strengthens the hair and offers protection against hair fall.

  • Your hair will be nourished with the essential vitamins and proteins it requires.

  • Dry hair will be effectively treated and moisturized.

  • Your hair will be shielded from various environmental factors.

  • Damaged and compromised hair, caused by frequent dyeing, chemical coloring, and excessive heat exposure will undergo a reconstructive process.

This service will revitalize your hair's beauty and address all its concerns by applying completely natural products.

Amino Plus Hair Treatment: Strong & Revitalized
Amino Plus Hair Treatment: Strong & Revitalized
Amino Plus Hair Treatment: Strong & Revitalized

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