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الحمام المغربي
1 year ago


The amazing results of this service are not magic, although it has a secret related with experience and professionalism in providing it with all its details and requirements, and here comes the role of the specialists to make this experience enjoyable from its beginning to its end.

With this wonderful and rare combination that characterizes the "Moroccan bath", "OZEE Salon and Spa” is keen to transfer its unique experience to women who want to experience this pleasure in their homes with all the care it requires in choosing the finest materials to obtain the best results. Starting with steam, then massaging the body with the famous Moroccan soap and body scrub, all the way to the special mud mixture. The "Moroccan Bath" ends with a feeling of refreshment, freshness of the skin, and renewal of life.


The benefits of the "Moroccan bath" are well-known, In addition to the feeling of refreshment and deep cleanliness that penetrates the skin and removes the effects of the accumulation of body secretions, the "Moroccan bath" helps to dissolve fat and remove excess water in the body and with it, Toxins, and the process of exfoliating dead cells contribute to the lightening of pores. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation, thus calming nerves and reducing fatigue and stress.


Do not hesitate, madam, to go through this experience in your home with "OZEE salon and spa”, so that it becomes one of your regular interests, along with other services that "OZEE" conveys to you, with our professional specialists and high-quality materials to provide the amazing results that every woman needs for her physical and psychological comfort.

Nature has given us treasures to hold in your hands


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