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1 year ago


It is accurate to label home services as the “discovery of the era” , which witnessed its launch on a limited level years ago, to become a major economic factor due to the growth witnessed by the institutions that adopted this service, especially with the spread of the “Covid 19” pandemic and its social distancing , companies and institutions were forced to search for alternative solutions, so home service was the appropriate and ideal solution. This service has evolved to cover sectors that were not included in this concept.


“OZEE Salon and Spa” was a leader in adopting home services, and made it an integral part of its goal of ensuring comfort for women through the integrated home services it provides in the field of women's care without the need to leave the house.


“OZEE Salon and Spa” took up this challenge and achieved what was required to secure the necessary know-how to complete the task successfully and effectively for a distinguished service. Instead of having a physical address, he chose to be within reach of every home and woman in various services related to hair treatment, dyeing and styling, nail care, multi-specification Moroccan bath, body waxing, skin care, massage services and many more.


The growing confidence in the services of "OZEE" was not by pure coincidence, but the result  of mutual cooperation and interest between "OZEE" and female creativity. Our customer satisfaction lies on the professionalism of our specialists, the quality of the materials and equipment used, and the distinguished and comprehensive service they receive in the comfort of their homes. Despite this, "OZEE" prioritize any suggestion that he may receive through direct communication in order to raise the level of "domestic service" to the maximum  to meet every women's requirement.

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الخدمة المنزلية
الخدمة المنزلية

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