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6 نصائح للعناية بالشعر بعد الصبغة
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1 year ago

6Tips To Maintain Your Colored Hair

Find below 6 important tips to keep your hair healthy after its coloring

1- Avoid washing your hair before 72 hours have passed since coloring it, because the dye works to open the fatty layers that help the color penetrate the hair to the roots.

2- Choose a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your dyed hair, and make sure that they are free of sulfates.

3- Wash your hair at a low temperature to preserve the color and oily layers of the skin.

4- Do not over-wash your hair, and only wash it once or twice a week to maintain the color.

5- When a woman goes to the swimming pool, it is recommended to wear a hat or a plastic bag to protect her hair from chlorine from the pool’s water, as it affects the duration of the dye, and might spoil the dyed hair.

6- Allocate a day a week for your hair care routine through hair treatment products or sessions.

Masks are your dyed hair best friends! In addition to natural ingredients mixtures and herbal oils available in our services such as: Kevin Murphy, Trendy and the Hair Filler treatments.

If you want to preserve your hair’s beauty, health and shine and protect it from damage, download Ozée mobile application and choose the right hair treatment services for dyed hair and book your appointment.

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6 نصائح للعناية بالشعر بعد الصبغة
6 نصائح للعناية بالشعر بعد الصبغة

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