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1 year ago

4 Bad Habits Destroying Your Nails

Bad Habit #1: Biting your nails
Anyone who bites their nails knows what a hard habit this is to break. Often, it starts in
childhood but plenty of adults suffer from it too. Nail biting obviously makes your hands
look unattractive in the short-run, but it also has more serious consequences. It can
increase your risk of infection around the nail, especially if you bite the cuticle or the
surrounding soft tissue. It also transfers any dirt that may be under your nails into your
mouth, increasing your risk of getting sick. One of the best ways to break this habit is to
always keep your nails painted. Invest some time and money in professional manicures
and make sure to add nail polish. The polish will discourage you from biting since it
tastes bad and hides the “edible” part of the nail. Go ahead and try the signature Ozee
Manicure in the comfort of your own home. It might make all the difference.
Bad Habit #2: Eating junk food
Beauty starts from the inside out. For strong, healthy nails, make sure you eat lots of
fruit, vegetables and protein. Choose foods that are high in iron, biotin (a type of Vitamin
B), calcium, magnesium and omega 3 Staying hydrated is just as important. Drink
plenty of water every day to help prevent nail dryness.
Bad Habit #3: Peeling your nail polish
We know its tempting to continue to peel and pick at your manicure once it starts to
chip. But what you many not realize is that you might actually be removing the top layer
of your nail bed which will eventually lead to weakened nails. It’s important to use nail
polish remover or pre-moistened nail remover packets if you’re always on the go. At
Ozee, we know that a quality top coat will maintain your manicure for longer, so we
partner with high quality brands such as OPI and Essie with color palettes and formulas
that truly stand out from the pack.
Bad Habit #4: Wearing polish for weeks
Do you remove your nail polish only to see white spots on the nails? That means you’ve
left it on for too long, and now your nails are too dry. Over time, this will weaken your
nails so make sure to remove your nail polish as soon as it starts chipping and give your
nails a chance to breathe before you apply the next coat.
Amr Shady

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